Terri Harbut is the proud owner of Snaggle Foot Chesterfield and a life-long animal lover. She joined the U.S. Army in 1978 and spent 22 years serving her country, retiring in 1999. She pursued a degree in Business and received a BA in Business Management and Information Management Systems. Upon retiring from the Army, she went to work for corporate America still awhile dreaming of going into business for herself. She’s always wanted a career that let her work with animals.

“We always had animals growing up. My first pet was a Dutch rabbit, he liked the swimming pool. My grandmother’s dog always chased him around the pool and when the rabbit got tired, he’d jump in the pool. My absolute favorite dog was a Blue Tick Hound who loved to hunt butterflies. We also owned a spider monkey, more rabbits, cats, more dogs, and hamsters.”

Terri began to think about merging her love of dogs and her desire to start a business after working with a dog trainer.

“My husband and I loved working with the trainer and watching the dogs progress. It rekindled a love of working with dogs and I had always wanted to start my own business. After I discovered Snaggle Foot, all the pieces came together.”

Terri’s ready to take your dog’s walking in some of her favorite parks, Point of Rocks and on the great trails of Henricus Park. Whether it’s taking care of sick pets, comforting your pet during your vacation, or chasing a puppy around, Terri’s been there.

“I believe the services Snaggle Foot provides are invaluable because of the experiences I’ve had with my animals. I’m glad that I will be able to provide peace of mind to other families so they know that their animals will be well cared for by someone who deeply cares about the welfare of animals.